Martagon Lilies

Martagon Lilies make superb hosta companions in the shade garden. The distinctive whorled foliage adds interesting texture to the garden all season, but it is the dainty, jewel-like flowers that seem to float above the garden in early summer that capture our hearts. Martagons will grow in full sun, but thrive in light shade. Soil should drain quickly and be rich in organic matter, but never dry completely for too long. Martagons often will not flower the first year after planting. Martagons can be divas...they usually sulk the first season. Don't be alarmed if they go dormant by early summer. Occasionally, newly planted bulbs will remain dormant for the entire first season. You should get flowers next year, and it gets better every year.

Martagon Lily bulbs must be ordered by October 20, 2021! Bulbs will be shipped immediately.

Local customers may pick up your bulbs to avoid shipping fees. Bulbs must be picked up by October 31, 2021.

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