Hosta 'Foxfire Palm Sunday'
Hosta 'Foxfire Palm Sunday'
Hosta 'Foxfire Palm Sunday' flower buds
Hosta 'Foxfire Palm Sunday' leaf

Hosta 'Foxfire Palm Sunday'

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[M] This is one of those indescribable plants that few hybridizers are fortunate enough to develop! Long, tapered leaves are gold with the most unusual, feather-like pattern through the center. The green center markings are narrow and highly irregular. A seedling out of 'Independence Day' that grows well and has excellent, rubbery substance. Young plants have narrow gold edges and take a couple years to show the distinct variegation. Hosta 'Foxfire Palm Sunday' is the most talked about and unique introduction of Steve Schulte's Foxfire series. Grows into a one-of-a-kind mound about 24” tall and 48” wide that blooms in mid summer with light lavender flowers.

(S. Schulte - 2009)

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