Coleus Under the Sea Fish Net - LOCAL PICKUP

Coleus Under the Sea Fish Net - LOCAL PICKUP

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A large, vigorous coleus that will cast its net and draw attention in your landscape. Coleus Under the Sea Fish Net has large leaves ringed with lime-green leaflet-like growths. Young leaves have solid burgundy centers that recede as the leaves age, with mature leaves being primarily lime-green with burgundy veining.

LOCAL PICKUP ONLY - Ready Late April 2020.

  • Sun - Shade (best in part shade)
  • 48" tall x 24" wide
  • Zone 10-11

The Under the Sea coleus series offers some of the most unusual leaf forms in the vast coleus kingdom. Resembling deep sea creatures, the colorful foliage of Under the Sea coleus has distinctive leaf shapes and amazingly intricate leaf margins. A wide range of colors and plant sizes fit any situation that demands vibrant, season-long color.

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