Hosta 'Let's Twist Again'

Hosta 'Let's Twist Again'

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[M] Our friend Danny Van Eechaute never disappoints us when it comes to finding the coolest new hostas. We think you'll agree that this sport of the old classic 'Patriot' definitely fits in the cool and fun category! The color scheme of 'Let's Twist Again' is the same as its parent - green leaves trimmed by a wide white margin. The cool and fun part is that those white margins look like a wild roller coaster full of large waves. The leaf edges are lined with such large, unruly waves that the leaves often end up twisted. Hosta 'Let's Twist Again' is a good grower that will make a lively and distinct mound about 12" and 30" across that blooms in mid summer with lavender flowers.

(D.Van Eechaute)

Plants are small.

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