Ludochilus 'Sea Turtle' - Jewel Orchid - COMING SOON!

Ludochilus 'Sea Turtle' - Jewel Orchid - COMING SOON!

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Ludochilus 'Sea Turtle' is a hybrid between Ludisia discolor and Anoectochilus formosanus.  This easy to grow Jewel Orchid has beautiful pink veined, nearly black leaves. Tall spikes hold lots of small white flowers.

3.5" pot

Soil – Well drained, general purpose potting soil. No fancy “orchid mixes” necessary!

Light – Bright, indirect light. An east window is perfect. Avoid direct south or west sun. Grow lights work well, too.

Watering – Do not let dry out completely. Water well and then don't water again until the top of the potting mix has nearly dried out.

Temperature – Room temperature (between 60°F-80°F) works well.

Fertilizing – Half strength, monthly fertilizer during the spring and summer.

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