Colocasia 'Black Swan'
Colocasia 'Black Swan'

Colocasia 'Black Swan'

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Move over 'Thailand Giant', there's a new giant Elephant Ear in the garden....with jet-black leaves! Colocasia 'Black Swan' doesn't grow to quite the massive proportions of 'Thailand Giant', but the leaves are far larger than other colored Colocasias. Given warmth, rich soil, and lots of water, 'Black Swan' Elephant Ear will quickly grow into an upright, arching clump to 6 feet tall and 5-7 feet across. Prepare for everyone who visits your garden to ask in disbelief, "What is THAT!?" PPAF

These will be shipped as growing plants beginning May 2024.

  • Zone 8-10
  • Full sun – Part sun
  • 5-6' tall

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