Heucheras & Tiarellas

Heucheras & Tiarellas have skyrocketed in popularity in the last few years. No doubt, this is a result of the amazing new hybrids that have been developed. No longer are we limited to shades of green and purple with a few silvery markings. Heucheras & Tiarellas are now available in new, never before seen colors including green, purple, chocolate, pink, orange, amber, yellow, and in most any combination you can imagine!

Heucheras & Tiarellas are perfect companion plants for Hostas and bring a whole new palette of color to the shady garden. They thrive in much the same growing conditions as Hostas and offer little competition for even miniature Hostas. Most Heucheras & Tiarellas prefer at least a few hours of sun and many will take full sun without a fuss. They grow best in moist, organic soil and Heucheras in particular require good drainage.