While Hellebores enjoy a die-hard following of devout gardeners, they are far from being well-known to the general gardening public. This is a shame, as Hellebores have so much more to offer than the vast majority of common perennials. Hellebores are the epitome of care-free, long-lived perennials. There are documented cases of plants that have been untouched for well over 50 years, yet they continue to thrive and bloom year after year. Additionally, Hellebores are not appealing to ravenous deer.

Depending on the species and growing location, the flowers open anywhere from early winter through early spring. The large and often bold flowers persist for weeks, at a time when gardeners are so starved for color. Hybridizers have developed a dazzling array of colors ranging from green, yellow, and white to delicate pinks and apricots, to the most rich reds, purples, and near black. Combine this rainbow of colors into unpredictable patterns, speckles, and picotees and a person can easily become obsessed with growing these deserving plants. Recently, double flowered selections have become all the rage.

Hellebores are forgiving of most growing conditions, with the exception of poor draining soil. Ideally, they prefer a moist, organic soil in a partially shaded location. However, Hellebores will tolerate dry, deep shade.

Our Hellebores should bloom spring of 2025.