You might say we've gone mad about these new, man-made succulents! Hybrids between two closely related genera, Agave and Manfreda, Mangave is the perfect mix of qualities from both families. Mangave grow faster and are decked out in the brilliant colors and wild patterns of Manfreda, but retain the refined habit and rugged nature of Agave. Gardeners will enjoy working with these plants, as the spines are much less lethal than Agave spines.

Mangave could not be easier to grow. Any gritty, fast draining soil will do. Water thoroughly, but let the soil dry nearly completely before watering again. Mangave thrive in full sun. In fact, the more sun they get, the more vibrant their colors are. Most Mangave are cold hardy to zone 8, but winter over easily in a sunny window in norther climates. They make superb container plants and mix well with other succulents. You can even plant them in the garden for the summer and dig them in the fall to bring them indoors.

This is just the tip of the Mangave iceberg. Try one or two and you'll quickly see why everyone is going Mad about Mangave!

Special Note - We do our best to carefully pack your Mangave, so they arrive safely. The leaves are very brittle, though, so there will likely be a few broken leaves. New leaves will grow quickly to replace any that are broken. Due to our northern location, we can only ship these plants between late April and early November.

** January 31, 2019 Update - We can now ship to California without a phytosanitary certificate. Plants will be shipped bare root.