Succulents & Agaves

We've gone a bit wild over succulents and agaves! Over the last few years, these fascinating plants have escaped the confines of the Southern US and captivated gardeners across the country with their unbelievable array of architectural shapes and rainbow of colors. The best part is how easy and carefree they are to grow! Going on vacation for a week...or a month? No problem! Even a "black thumb" gardener can grow beautiful succulents with ease.

Succulents and agaves thrive on neglect. They prefer a gritty, free draining growing mix and unless otherwise stated, at least a half day of sun. Succulents area ideal for growing in hot, dry locations where nothing else will live.

Succulents make superb pot plants and the different textures, shapes, and colors can be combined to create dazzling mixed containers. These containers can easily be over wintered indoors in northern climates. See our article on Over Wintering Succulents Indoors for details on how we over winter our succulents in Iowa.

The selection of succulents and agaves offered below is just a fraction of what we grow. We encourage you to visit us here at the nursery to see our full selection, as well as the many fun and inspirational ideas we have for growing and displaying these amazing plants!

A Note About Shipping - Due to our northern location, we can not ship these plants until late April.

** January 31, 2019 Update - We can now ship to California without a phytosanitary certificate. Plants will be shipped bare root.