Hosta 'Country Double Take'
Hosta 'Country Double Take' leaf
Hosta 'Country Double Take'
Hosta 'Country Double Take' flower

Hosta 'Country Double Take' OS

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In The Country Exclusive!

[M] You'll take a second look at this new hybrid from Don Dean. Hosta 'Country Double Take' has a lengthy pedigree, resulting from the multi-generational cross of {[‘Liberty Bell’ x (‘Urajiro Hachijo’ x pycnophylla)] x (‘Liberty Bell’ x yingeri)} x 'High Kicker'. Whew! That takes some hybridizing dedication! Pointed, 8" long leaves emerge soft green in the spring with tightly ruffled, creamy-yellow margins. Through the summer, the green darkens and the ruffled margins turn white. Leaf substance is good and the plant looks good all season. Hosta 'Country Double Take' grows into a flared, semi-upright mound about 15" tall and 39" across that blooms in mid to late summer with sterile, lavender flowers. These are 2 year old Originator's Stock divisions direct from Don's garden. Very limited number available. Tissue Culture plants will not be available for at least two years.

(D. Dean - 2019)

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