Aloe 'Solar Flare'
Aloe 'Solar Flare'
Aloe 'Solar Flare' center

Aloe 'Solar Flare'

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Impossible to miss, this variegated form of Aloe humilis is unlike any other! The long, slender leaves of Aloe 'Solar Flare' are creamy-white at the base, gradually turning green halfway to the leaf tip. The overall affect is a rosette that is creamy-white in the center and green at the ends of the leaves. Aloe 'Solar Flare' appears to glow from within, like a blazing hot solar flare! A unique plant for the succulent collector. Aloe 'Solar Flare' is a compact growing Aloe, staying under 12" tall and wide. A perfect size for growing indoors in a sunny window. Taller bloom spikes hold bright orange, tubular flowers. pp31952

4 inch pot

  • Full sun - Part sun
  • 8-12" tall x 8-12" wide
  • Zone 9-11

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