Dicentra 'White Gold' - COMING SOON!
Dicentra 'White Gold' - COMING SOON!

Dicentra 'White Gold' - COMING SOON!

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One of our favorite spring blooming shade perennials is Dicentra 'Gold Heart', and we expect this new white flowered selection to be every bit as electrifying! Brilliant gold foliage is like a spotlight in the spring shade garden, and unlike the common, old fashioned Dicentra spectabilis, 'White Gold' Bleeding Heart does not go dormant after it blooms. The gold foliage does turn chartreuse, but it looks good until late summer. The difference between 'White Gold' and 'Gold Heart' are the flowers...Dicentra 'White Gold' has arching sprays of white flowers in early spring. Almost as an after thought, compared to the shocking foliage, but a more elegant combination for those of you who are not fond of the pink and gold color scheme of its parent. Easy to grow in moist, organic soil in light shade.
  • 24" tall and 36" across
  • Part shade - Full shade
  • Zones 4-8

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