Helleborus 'Whirlwind Romance'
Helleborus 'Whirlwind Romance'

Helleborus 'Whirlwind Romance'

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Your romance with hellebores will turn into a full blown love affair with the large (2.5-3"), burgundy-netted, white flowers of Helleborus 'Whirlwind Romance'.  A beautiful addition to the double flowered Wedding Party series.
  • 18-24" tall x 18-24" wide
  • Part shade - Full shade
  • Zone 4-9

Hans Hansen is best known for his hosta hybrids, but his outstanding work doesn't stop there! Hans has done extensive work developing garden worthy plants in other plant families. His hellebore hybrids are selected for excellent vigor, high bloom count, and rich color. The "Wedding Party" series represent the best of Hans' double flowered hellebore hybrids.

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