Hosta 'Chris' Long Lines'
Hosta 'Chris' Long Lines'
Hosta 'Chris' Long Lines' bud
Hosta 'Chris' Long Lines' flower

Hosta 'Chris' Long Lines'

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[S] Christina Brinkmann of Germany loves hostas with long, narrow leaves, and she scored a perfect 10/10 with this 'Atom Smasher' seedling! 'Chris' Long Lines' has leaves at least 10" long, but under 1" wide. Each green, linear leaf is smooth and slightly gloss, showing just one or two veins. The overall look is very un-hosta-like! Hosta 'Chris' Long Lines' quickly forms a small clump that will standout among all other hostas in your garden.

Note: Plants are small.

(C. Brinkmann)

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