Hosta 'Country Rippled Relic'
Hosta 'Country Rippled Relic' leaf

Hosta 'Country Rippled Relic' OS

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In The Country Exclusive!

[M] This new introduction from Don Dean carries the same admirable qualities a surviving piece of history carries. 'Country Rippled Relic' is a hybrid between 'Party Favor' and an open pollinated seedling of 'Grand Slam'. The Hosta longipes genes from 'Grand Slam' bring season-long lasting power to the table, while 'Party Favor' imparts vigorous growth and more ruffles. Heart-shaped leaves have a smooth surface with deeply impressed veins, tightly rippled margins, and sharply pointed, twisted tips. The spring color is blue-green, that shifts to deep green by mid summer. Hosta 'Country Rippled Relic' easily grows into a dependable mound about 18" tall and 48" across that blooms in mid summer with fertile lavender flowers. These are Originator's Stock divisions direct from Don's garden. Very limited number available. Tissue Culture plants will not be available for at least two years.

(D. Dean - 2019)

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