Hosta 'Orion’s Belt'

Hosta 'Orion's Belt'

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[M-L] Just as beautiful as the star-lit night sky, this hybrid from Dick and Jane Ward has never been as widely grown as it should be. 'Orion's Belt' is a cross between 'Pin Stripe' and Hosta montana macrophylla that has rounded, blue-green leaves with gently upturned, wide, wavy white margins. Leaf edges are creamy-yellow for a short time in the spring, and the foliage shows some light corrugation with maturity. Worthy of a special spot in your garden, Hosta 'Orion's Belt' will form a mound reaching 18" tall and 40" across that blooms with fertile, light lavender flowers in early summer.

(D. & J. Ward - 2003)

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