Hosta 'Valley's Lemon Limbo'

Hosta 'Valley's Lemon Limbo'

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[S-M] Jeroen Linneman's Hosta Valley is packed with hosta hits, and 'Valley's Lemon Limbo' is a guaranteed chart topper! Coming from the cross ('Tequila Sunrise' x pycnophylla) x 'Mississippi River', the first thing that grabs your attention is the lemon-yellow spring color. Next, the long, arching, deeply veined, and wildly ruffled leaves capture your imagination. Just when you think it can't possibly get any better, the deep purple-red petioles knock it out of the ballpark! Hosta 'Valley's Lemon Limbo' forms an elegant, flowing mound at least 12" tall and 18" across that blooms with fertile, lavender flowers on dark red scapes in mid to late summer. Very limited and sure to sell out fast.

(J. Linneman - 2015)

Plants are small.

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