Hosta 'Valley's Pavlova'

Hosta 'Valley's Pavlova'

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[S-M] Jeroen Linneman was awarded the prestigious Eunice Fisher Distinguished Hybridizer Merit Award from the American Hosta Society in 2019 for his extensive hybridizing work. The award recipient then gets to choose his favorite hybrid as the winner of the Eunice Fisher Distinguished Merit Hosta Award. Jeroen chose 'Valley's Pavlova' as his favorite, which speaks volumes when you consider the vast number of Valley creations. And what a beautiful plant it is, with pointed, heavily ruffled foliage that emerges brilliant yellow in the spring. This hybrid involving Hosta pycnophylla and 'Tequila Sunrise' has purple petioles as delicious as the Australian meringue desert it is named after. Hosta 'Valley's Pavlova' greens-up through the summer and forms a flowing mound at least 12" tall and 30" across that blooms in late summer with fertile, lavender flowers on purple scapes in late summer.

(J. Linneman - 2015)

NOTE - Plants are small.

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