Hosta 'Valley's Salty Crocodile'

Hosta 'Valley's Salty Crocodile'

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[VL] Here's a salty crocodile you'll welcome to your garden! 'Valley's Salty Crocodile' sure looks mean and grumpy, with rounded, frosty-blue leaves that are strongly textured with puckers and creases. Foliage has excellent substance, and each leaf is fringed by ruffles. With lineage tracing back to 'Empress Wu', Hosta 'Valley's Salty Crocodile' easily forms a giant mound up to 39" tall and over 50" across that blooms in early summer with extremely fertile, light lavender flowers. Don't let the rough and tough look fool you. This is the friendliest hosta croc around!

(J. Linneman - 2019)

Plants are small.

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