Senecio peregrinus

Senecio peregrinus

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Rare and hard to find! This trailing succulent is on every succulent lover's MUST-HAVE list. Senecio peregrinus is commonly called String of Dolphins (or sometimes Trailing Shark Tooth), and that's exactly what it looks like. Long, trailing stems are lined with small, blue-green leaves that are shaped like dolphins (or shark teeth). The kids are going to love it! Excellent cascading over the edge of a succulent container garden or as the star of the show in a hanging basket. Your friends will be envious that you have the coveted String of Dolphins! Grow Senecio peregrinus in part to full sun and let the soil dry between waterings.

4" pot

Shipping begins in May.

  • Tropical
  • Part sun - Full sun
  • Water when soil is dry

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