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Growing Hostas - Hostas are about as carefree as a plant can be, but a little extra TLC will help your new plants off to a good start. Select a site that gets bright light or even morning sun. Hostas like shade during the hot part of the day, but they won't thrive in the dark. When preparing the planting site, add lots of organic matter like compost and/or well-rotted manure. Hostas will survive in hard clay, but a loose, moist bed will let them grow to their full potential. If you want to fertilize your hostas, apply a balanced, granular fertilizer in the spring before the leaves unfurl. Slow release types work well, too. What hostas like even more than fertilizer, though, is plain ol' water. Hostas can withstand periodic dryness once established, but will grow much faster and larger if you keep them constantly moist (not soggy!).

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